Rimarket is a family owned company from Ribnica, Slovenia. The founder of the company got the idea for a fully-adaptable highchair soon after the birth of his son. After he and his wife had failed to find a proper fully-adaptable, modern, wooden highchair on the market that they wanted for their kids, they set out to develop one themselves as the region of Ribnica is a traditional woodprocessing region. After collaborating with a design agency Gigodesign they developed a wooden chair for children called Froc that lasts an entire childhood.

Rimarket thus set up its own production for its Froc children’s chair, and at the same time began to develop wooden products for other companies as well. With the experience we have gained over the last 10 years, we are now on a successful path to ensuring production for other products as well.

Matej KoŇ°ir

Founder of Rimarket